Far Cry


Breathe Life

I Couldn't Want You Anyway




Return Them To The One

Doctor Please



Old Enough

Only The Bravest




I had so many questions when I started making this album. Was I good enough? Do I love myself? Do I enjoy my music? Do I deserve to feel good about myself?

If I was to tell people in my life about those questions, they would often try to help me answer them. But, it was in the act of trying to answer them that I came to the beautiful realisation that they didn’t need answering. I am a mess of unanswerable questions. I am also full of answers to questions I haven’t been asked and may never be. I am a cacophony of hypocritical thinking, of basic opinions and unique beliefs. I answer to no one and seek acceptance from everyone.

Love, Death & Dancing is an album in which I have tried to unapologetically create a voice that represents myself. It is both a call and a response, simultaneously being the labour and the fruit.

On this page you have the choice to submit your own call or response.

If you choose call, an empty bar will appear for you to submit a call to the ether. This could be a question, a statement, a passing thought. Anything that’s on your mind right now that you need to exercise.

If you choose response, you will be presented with somebody else’s call to which you can respond. Here you can write whatever reaction the call sets off within you.

You will have 60 seconds to complete your call or response. You will not be able to edit it.

Commit to your instincts, and enjoy being alive.

J x

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When was the last time you made a choice that was the wrong one?

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