Far Cry


Breathe Life

I Couldn't Want You Anyway




Return Them To The One

Doctor Please



Old Enough

Only The Bravest




I had so many questions when I started making this album. Was I good enough? Do I love myself? Do I enjoy my music? Do I deserve to feel good about myself?

If I was to tell people in my life about those questions, they would often try to help me answer them. But, it was in the act of trying to answer them that I came to the beautiful realisation that they didn’t need answering. I am a mess of unanswerable questions. I am also full of answers to questions I haven’t been asked and may never be. I am a cacophony of hypocritical thinking, of basic opinions and unique beliefs. I answer to no one and seek acceptance from everyone.

Love, Death & Dancing is an album in which I have tried to unapologetically create a voice that represents myself. It is both a call and a response, simultaneously being the labour and the fruit.

On this page you have the choice to submit your own call or response.

If you choose call, an empty bar will appear for you to submit a call to the ether. This could be a question, a statement, a passing thought. Anything that’s on your mind right now that you need to exercise.

If you choose response, you will be presented with somebody else’s call to which you can respond. Here you can write whatever reaction the call sets off within you.

You will have 60 seconds to complete your call or response. You will not be able to edit it.

Commit to your instincts, and enjoy being alive.

J x

Time's up! Try again?

By proceeding I hereby authorise Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations to include quoted text from my submission in any marketing/promotional materials in their sole discretion and waive and/or agree not to assert any rights I may have in respect of the same.

Why is it not enough to be fine?

You have one minute to submit your message

Time's up! Try again?

Thank you



Thank you for your callresponse

When was the last time you made a choice that was the wrong one?

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Feeling like you're on the right road, and then...you're left hanging

I can literally identify and see my self destructive habits manifest, but I'm powerless to overcome them.

Have you done any research into how to be in multiple places at once? And how can I learn to do this?

How do you find the power to meet others expectations even when they aren't your own?

What is your favorite scent?

What do you need to let go of? What do you feel when you think about doing so?

What are you working to unlearn and why?

What addiction are you under the control of? How would you leave? Do you want to?

I have lost my WAY. Where do I go ? What is there to do?

Today try something new. Ready?

Three things that made you smile today

Can I be happy?


How you gonna win when you ain't right within?

If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?

Are you mad because I'm asking you 21 questions?

Have you ever had the feeling that you was being had?

hi i love you

How do you know if you're enough?

How can I finally at 60 years old be my authentic, creative, unapologetic, loving self?

Is anyone there? Does anyone care? Loneliness a companion so familiar it's merged with the who and how and what. Is there another side? Is there another way? Forgive the attempt at poeticism. Speak

Am I redeemable?

is it wrong to hate humanity? to wish there was something that would wipe us out? to wish for your own civilisations destruction?

I love my job but it's not world changing. How do I stop feeling like a basic indifferent person if I just like what I do?

What do I do if someone is making my family member's life miserable and I am far away and feeling helpless?

I feel like I’m losing my mind and I can’t stop it because I can’t figure out what I’m thinking and feeling, I’m just caught up in the storm of it

Any plans to release your latest with a bonus disc of all your vids? I’d love that!

do you love yourself?

I am not sure if I am good enough. I feel like a burden to everyone that cares about me. I feel like I am taking up their time they could spend on anything else more productive than me.

Is being alone for long periods of time something we really need as humans? Or is it just a product of us learning to live outside of tribes? Do we really need to learn to love ourselves alone?

White or green shoes?

when will the world end

What do you do when you are so moved by music that you feel lonely?

Why do I want everything to be so organised and regimented when I act so chilled out on the outside?

Is he worth it?

what makes you believe you are loved?

How do I learn to live with a new reality that gaurantees pain?

What is your favourite animal, and why?

Whats the greatest movie ever made and why do you think its twilight?

is it ok to feel restless and not know why?

What was the texture of your first love?

Where do we go when we dance, and the beat is running through us?

Where is the beginning of you? Where is the end?

When you reach inside, how do you bring back what you feel, what you see?

Should I quit my job and finish my album

I’m keeping my mind busy until I’m so tired I just fall asleep. If I tried to get to sleep now the anxiety and sometimes downright distressing thoughts would be too much to bear.

Are emotions of the heart, or of the mind?

Drop a sentence that will confuse any American readers, (British slang, terms etc)

Is Jack's music refreshing to you?

What is your purpose in life?

Only just realised that ‘Call and Response’ is a musical pun. Goddammit Jack you’re a genius.

Unpopular opinion : Bounty’s are great and the best thing about loving them is that they are always left in the bottom of the celebrations tin.

Do music ever give you goosebumps? What type of music does it?

Why do people in charge seem to care the least about climate change and wildlife?

How do I stop myself feeling physically sick with anxiety?

i am struggling to value my own life. WHAT is the point of me being here?!?!?!?

Sometimes I simply don't know if I am happy or not

Why is it impossible to get a task done for weeks on end, but when it becomes urgent, you complete weeks of work in a day...

Is there a practice which you wish you would have stuck with from when you were young?

Isn't it frustrating when you make yourself a bad cup of tea/coffee?

How do I know whether I am doing enough to help the person in my life with depression? How do I know when to stop?

i was fine playing around but then he did something i didn’t agree too and i didn’t know how to stop him. this all feels so wrong

What stops you from following your gut?

People say do what makes you happy. But what if killing people made me happy, surely that's not ok - so is it helpful to say do what makes you happy?

What does it mean to actually love someone? Not romantically, but to love your friend, you family, how do we do that, when we disagree or don't see eye to eye? How do we truly love?

What is the purpose of life? Some would say to love, is this true or is it just a cop-out answer?

What is relative truth and do I have a right to instruct someone in the way they should live, even if it doesn't fit within the general public's view or agenda?

Half full? Half empty? Why?

? ? ?

What makes you happy? Answer this, then go do it.

How to dance?

Red or Blue?

how do I resolve knowing that someone I trusted might be someone else entirely in a different context?

Do you have a song stuck in your head right now?

How do I manage days where I get paralysed and stuck in my own head?


What colour would your boiler suit be?

How are you feeling in this exact moment?

Can't find my way home

Is it okay to not have a purpose in life?

Help me use my time better. It's slipping away and the Tweets don't matter. Help me find what matters and live it out. I will give it my breath if it calls my name.

How do I begin to start living?

How do I break free from those who hold me back?

A lovely lady named Kerri served me at Sainsbury's on Monday... 3 days later I am still smiling at the service I was given

Let me be free

How do I learn to love myself?

I always feel like I have to achieve something great. This means I'm rarely satisfied with what I get done in a day. I'd like to be happy right here where I am (but still motivated to do more :)

Am I smart enough?

Is there a vegetable that can trump asparagus?

Melody or lyrics - which means you like a song more?

Why is music so emotive?

Where does feeling settled come from?

how do i get over them when it's been two years since we met and i've thought about them every single day since?

Do you dare to dream in waking life anymore? Or have you forgotten the liberation of a childlike free mind and body? If you're reading this, make this moment one of change and retrieval of your spirit

The voice of anxiety is louder than the voice of reason

What is your biggest fear?

I need to stop obsessing about questions of who I am and just be

Music and Nature are the only places I have ever felt at peace in my whole life

Why is my happiness so dependent on others

one black no sugar please

Do you ever not want to feel. You don't want to die, you just don't want to exist for a bit just so you can catch a breath

What are you proudest of?

What do you like best about yourself?

why is it so normal to be jealous? what makes it so human, so normal, so easy? i know im enough, but why crave what is not mine, for me, or will make me happier?

when was the last time you put on a song that fills you with joy and boogied carelessly?

why is cheese so damn nice?

When you video call, how much time do you spend looking at yourself?

How are you feeling today?

How do you help when there is so much going on? Where do you start when there are 20 houses burning at the same time?

I don't always have to be improving. I can just be.

Will I ever be good enough?

ily mani think ur rly cool

A Lion Does Not Lose Sleep Over The Opinions of Sheep.

Should pineapple go on pizza? Would you start an argument with anyone who thinks the opposite?

Is it ok to not want to change the world? Is it enough to just be normal?

Can people really change?

Is the hokey cokey really what it's all about?

Why do I feel guilty for having different opinions?

What food have you enjoyed most this week?

What is your favourite memory?

When do you feel most content?

What advice would you give your younger self?

What about yourself do you hide from others and why?

What do you wish other people would discover about you?

When do you feel like the fullest version of yourself?

What do you long for?

Honestly how do YOU feel right now?

So Exciting Music I got from "Love,Death&Dancing". Thank you.

What is the best tip to give someone

I am in love with my best friend. Shes also my coworker and is leaving in August, shes moving. I want to tell her how I feel but she's with someone. I know she feels the same about me...

How do I motivate myself to get up earlier?

How do I find a deep internal peace that surpasses all understanding?

I wish you were more receptive And made efforts to check in on me and keep in touch as much as I do towards you

Why is it hard to love the people around me?

Anyone else hypnotised by that little shape spinning around under the submit button?!

What is the point of religion?

Breakfast is so much more fun with a toddler, she keeps telling herself!

I sometimes can’t help but feel unexplained sadness and misery in response to an event that should make me happy

Call and Response

Call and Response

Call and Response

What one thing are you most proud of in your life?

just love

I just watched you Lockdown session Jack. You made me smile. Like big lockdown smile! Thanks!

When will this be over. I can’t take this inhumane state with seemingly infinite timescales

What would it take for the meek to inherit the earth?

Does karma exist?

Are people good?

So what is the natural human state - are we cooperative and kind, or are we cruel and competitive?

Do you ever wish you were born at a different time?

Why do we (collectively) seem to love raising up controversy so much, with black and white answers? What if we all took time to share our nuanced ideas with one another?

I feel like the amount of uncertainty in the world has forced me to choose being content.

How do I stop feeling so insecure?

How do you deal with your mental health on down or low days?


What time of day do you do call & response?

blah blah blah. Blah?

I’m scared of rejection. Are you?

Should I tell my crush I like them?

Is it cold or hot?

What was the last dream you had?

Am I relevant?

Thank you for being here.

Why is being an adult so hard sometimes?

Why do I feel down when I live such a beautiful life?

why do I always leave my work until last minute?

Most likely I am not even aware how much I miss the giving/receiving affection from friends. I have a sinking feeling that next time I see them I will just start to sob from happiness.

What is something that binds us together?

My dad was diagnosed with IPF. I really hope we can fill his remaining time with true joy.

You are enough <3

If creating is such a stressful and taxing process, what makes us go back again and again?

Intuition or mind?

What's holding you back? (nothing is fine)

How can something hurt so bad and be the right thing?

why can’t I let go of the people who’ve hurt me?

why is the colour that you call your favourite, your favourite?

Why are pizzas so damn tasty

How can I learn to accept myself, my good my bad and my unsure?

What is your comfort zone?

Will I ever be brave enough to leave?

Have the past couple months led to any unexpected (re)connections for you?

Just need everything to pause for a second so I can find my footing and stop jumping from place to place

Can we get any press coverage around this?

I think I am becoming like my father and I have an issue with that - what is your father/male figure like and do you admire them?

How do i know im enough

What is the one thing you are most scared to admit to your significant other?

What is stopping you from being your own role model?

Is always being kind easy?

how do you get out of your dreamland/fantasy life?

I don’t feel good enough and don’t know how to change.

How do I find peace with the constant feeling of always feeling on the outside looking in?

Your anger makes me not want to beYour ignorance feels impatientAnd your life feels insignificant

What made you smile today?

Why do I let myself get so effected by other people's emotions? Why can't I just stand firm?

Who is your favourite artist?

Does the divine want me?

How do I stop worrying so much?


Are you scared?

Are you alive?

How's your day going?

Tell me a secret.

Describe your favorite person in the world.

What shampoo do you like to use?

Why is it so damn difficult to be present and content, why do we have minds that like to obsess over ultimately tiny concerns or wallow in all that is wrong in our lives?

If I could give my future child anything it would be the joy of never having to worry about money

Will I ever be free of financial anxiety?

Why do I always worry about money?

I am a nursing intern, im nearly finished, but something doesnt feel right, i always wanted to do media... is it too late?

I thought i was doing well in life. Finally a nursing intern. Starting to thinkin not good enough, a manager today made me feel im not ready... i dont feel right i want to do art

Should I lower my expectations?

Why is it hard to live in the moment?

"Don't let life pass you by"

Do you brush your teeth with your eyes open or closed?

If I need a boost I put in music and dance around the house!!! Always works for me ?

I would like to stop time so I can do nothing, breath, think and feel melancholic some more.

Where would you most like to go, if there was nothing stopping you?

What bird sings the sweetest?

What gift have you been given that means a lot to you

what has made you feel down lately?

why are you here

if you could start over from the beginning knowing one thing what would it be

who would you be in another life

Tell me about someone you love!

What should i eat for dinner?

what's the wildest least realistic thing you really wish you could do

what is love to you?

what creates meaning in your life

what's the coolest thing about being alive

do you think one person can make the world a better place?

what would you say to someone trying to pursue a career in music? Is this a realistic dream?

Why do internet trolls aim to hurt other people's feelings?

Will human beings ever live harmoniously?

Why am I driven by desire?

Is forgiveness always necessary?

I just want people to be careful. I’m 30 today. Being alive and healthy is celebration enough

What does it mean to have ambition?

How do you eat yours?

How do you know when someone is right for you?

I'm a dancer singer songwriter model. Had a hit many years ago & turned down XFactor, should I leave it on the shelf or carry on pursuing a dream?

why can't love just be easy

What you believe is not what you know !

Sunlight is not afraid to enter anywhere in the world. Be like sunlight.

In times like these, how can you tell the difference between what is love and what is fantasy?

Why do my emotions go up and down like a roller-coaster?

If you could be anyone else who would you be

Why do I deserve happiness?

Why after a having a baby do you not have enough love left for your husband

Why don’t the young fear death or repercussions?

If you could shoot a liquid out of your fingers, what liquid would it be?

What’s your favourite comfort food?

What’s one part of your body that you’re most proud of?

What’s your least favourite characteristic of your mother/father?

Who’s your favourite person?

What’s the first trauma that you can remember?

What’s one thing you would like your therapist to know, that you haven’t told them yet?

How do you calm the anxiety?

What lie do you tell yourself that you’d be ashamed to say out loud?

When you can’t fall asleep, what lies do you tell yourself to sooth the active mind?

Is the love of somebody else really, truly worth fighting for?

Is it a vibe?

Is she the one for me?

Why do I feel lost even when I’m happy

Im wondering if anyone out there knows what to do when the feeling starts to fade?

Why is Nina Simone so gosh darn marvellous?

What does it mean to be connected?

Do you have a childhood possession which you could never give up or let go?

Why do humans crave originality so much?

What brings you the most satisfaction?

What's your favourite letter of the alphabet and why?

do you ever wonder if you're living more painfully than others?

Give me a movie recommendation!

How are you feeling about life at the moment?

When was the last time you complimented someone?

Most underrated movie?

What was your last dream?

When will my reflection show who I am inside?

A time a smell has made you remember something?

At what point in your life do you feel comfortable?

How do you motivate yourself to be productive day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day?

what is something that few people know about you?

have you ever told someone you had a crush on them?

Who let the dogs out!??

what song makes you just want to dance dance dance!?

Have you ever been told you're mediocre in bed?Have you ever been told you've got a weird-shaped head?

Have you ever had a dream that, that, um, that you had, uh, that you had to, you could, you do, you wit, you wa, you could do so, you do you could, you want, you wanted him to do you so much?

Why are two pillows too high but one pillow not high enough? Help

What’s your go to drink to numb your head?

What’s your fave snack?

Need ideas for self care.....

How do you love yourself?

What’s the one thing that makes you feel at home?

"wish I could prove I love you but does that mean I have to walk on water"

Best movie soundtrack?

Which video game has an beautiful score?

Favorite lyric.

If you had to listen to only 3 songs for the rest of your life, which would you choose

Is comedy one of yours coping mechanism

What book should I read next?

What book could you not live without?

What should I do once quarantine ends?

"That an hourglass is just a glass... with sand inside" is a lyric that resonates with me so much and I don't fully know why. It opposes this over-emphasis on metaphors and I love it. Just Live

Would you rather spend the rest of your life without seeing the stars or the sunset

It's strange that I feel more responsibility when answering a question than asking one. Maybe there is a lot of responsibility in asking the right questions? Or none?

What happens when we die?

How do you deal with the feeling, as you get older, that you could've done more with your life?

What if I’m an asshole, but I just won’t admit it?

what is self care ?

If I’m aware I’m thinking, then who’s doing the thinking?

Psychedelic therapy is the future, research this, sent with love

Give love, accept death and you will keep on dancing x

Can you still do your timestables?

Does anyone feel like the main character in their own story, or the sidekick?

What do you dream of?

What do you truly believe in?

“you’re procrastinating again” - what have you caught yourself doing?

what thought keeps you up at night?

if you could save only one item from your room in an emergency, what would it be?

what makes you feel comfortable?

when you video call, how much time do you spend looking at yourself?

Just let go. Accept life and death together, and accept that problems will happen and you will deal with them

I have maladaptive daydreaming, so I have intense daydreams that distract me from life. They're especially triggered by creativity like when I write songs. I love writing though. Thoughts?

If you could do one thing over in your life what would it be?

What does being present mean to you?

i feel like a constant emotional prop and it’s draining. i’m constantly guarding everything i say because i don’t want to upset them. but i’m in love. i can’t leave

How do you stop worrying about money? All I can think about it money. It always comes back to money.

If I disappeared right now, only a small handful of people would care. I feel worthless.

How do you want to be remembered?

Do you find beauty in your pain?

When are the best years of your life?

Why is life so unfair and how do you cope with that?

How can I learn to love myself?

What have you got to give them?

Don’t belittle your feelings and pain by comparing them to someone else’s. Whatever you’re feeling is valid.

Do you know the difference between knowing and believing?

I’m 21 and I don’t feel a day older than 16. Will I ever feel ‘grown up’?

What is your deepest fear?

Is water really wet if it can be dried?

Will ants inherit the world?

Are you most represented by fire, water, wind or earth?

Why is life so hard in one moment and so easy in others?

Aliens! Real or not real? ?

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

At night. What weird thoughts do you have?

I thought they were the one. Where do I go from here?

It often hits me that "damn I still have to die" does it hit you you??

Why do I feel the need to look after everyone except myself?

If I'm in love with my best friend but she doesn't know what do I do?

Social dis-dancing?

What truly makes you happy

What’s your favourite tv show?

If you could tell your past self anything, what would you say?

Do you give yourself enough credit for what you achieve?

Unload something right here, right now

Who have you been neglecting in your life?

Do you have a moment when you felt very scared and got through it?

When will I see you again?

What’s one thing you never thought you would accomplish but proved to yourself you could?

Which 5 living musicians are coming for dinner?

If you could go back in time in your life to relive something where would you go? And why?

What is love?

Why do people stay in abusive situations?

What is your definition of warmth?

What is your happiest memory?

What is the your favorite smell, and why?

I’m lying I’ll on the sofa just now, was it the oyster I had earlier?

The person I love doens't exist. I imagined him. I don't know what to do anymore.

Do unanswered wuestions ever get easy to accept?

Should i risk starting my own business?

What is happiness and how does one achieve it?

Is it okay to still miss someone even when they were bad to you?

I’m a songwriter. What advice do you have in telling stories that move people like Jack Garratt’s?

What's the best meal a loved one has ever cooked for you?

What is something that you know but you don’t know how you know it?

Should I email my favourite podcast to tell them how much I appreciate their work?

Fridays are for jazz? Because they sure are here

Is it selfish to have children?

What do you think the key to happiness is?

I am hopelessly in love with a co-worker and friend but not sure if they feel the same way or not. It hurts.

What is one thing you would tell your younger self?

I have the most perfect husband. And all I want to do is leave and live in Prague again.

what makes life worth living for you? where can I find the will to live?

If you could hear one song for the first time all over again, what would it be?

How are you?

What should I do with my life?

If you could go back in time and tell your 11 year old self one thing, what would it be?

am i still allowed to cry about it

What’s the most amount of pain you’ve ever felt?

will we ever get to see a better world?

Have you ever realised that you’ve never actually seen your own face, only a reflection or photograph of it?

If you could play any instrument well, what would it be?

What can't you let go of?

How can I love someone who keeps my wings clipped?

Do every really know if your truly loved?

How's your quarantine beard coming (if applicable)? Otherwise what have you been able to try out now that you may not have otherwise?

What small moment makes you happiest?

Do you believe every human conforms to a system

What is your favorite lyric, and why?

What’s the first thing you can remember buying?

Why is it easier to have compassion for others than for ourselves?

I’m about to start work and I’m pushing trolleys and it’s 21 degrees and I’ve been told someone left a trolley 3 miles away from the store and I have to go get it this is bad jack

What was a choice you made that you wish you had thought harder about?

What are you afraid of?

Biggest regret?

What if who I hoped to be was always me?

If something feels really painful to keep trying at, how long should I stick at it?

How does nature make you feel?

Name something that you do which makes others happy.

I know somebody with such a beautiful soul. But he is full of demons and fear of loving. That hurts my heart.

What are some of the best things to keep yourself distracted?

Something that makes you instantly smile

Death row meal?

Why do I desperately want to change my body yet I am weak and never do?

Is there ever only one person for us in this life

Do you have a favourite constellation?

Sometimes I get so angry at myself for not being “intelligent” enough, and for not working as hard at stuff as I think I should, am I wrong to beat myself up about this?

Which fear of yours, if erased, would liberate you?

If you could choose, where would you wan to wake up tomorrow morning?

Will I ever get to respond to my own call on this #callandresponse page? =D

What's better-- tough love, or empathy?

What percentage of your own thoughts do you listen to?

Is it okay to reinvent yourself?

Is hope more important than anything?

What is the best fruit to eat in the summer?

Is confidence beautiful?

Where is the treehouse of my dreams?

Why is ice cream so good?

Do you believe in life after love?

What's the next best thing?

Are humans well designed?

When’s the last time you called a friend, just to check they’re OK?

What does forgiveness mean to you?

Why do we make art?

What are you most insecure about?

Why do I feel lonely with other people?

Cat or dog? Why?

Am I working hard enough to succeed at my passion, or am I just coasting by because I’m too scared to try?

Who is your favorite person on the planet?

What are you doing?

is daydreaming good?

just wanna say have a nice day to a stranger. :)

What do I do about my mild astraphobia?

What is your favorite thing about life?

Why I am I in a place where I am constantly failing. Have I taken the wrong path. Do I belong somewhere else.

What was the worst event thats happened to you and did you make it out

Love, death, dancing: screw one, marry one, killl one... GO!

yes, i heard doctors have a slight bias when trying to save your life. But I looked it up and there's no evidence for that. Have you heard that?

Why do I find it so hard to go to sleep at a reasonable time?

What starts with T, ends with T, and has T in it?

I live in London. It's a huge place, full of people, but it's also the loneliest place I've ever known

Look back and acknowledge your personal growth. Be proud of where you are

Making bad decisions is fine, if you're aware of the decisions you're making 'bad' ones are fine (eg. Eating too much chocolate)

If you were a cheese, what cheese would you brie?

Would you like to remain exactly as you are, or are you seeking change?

What is your coffee order?

A book that changed your life:

Should I stay or should I go?

Are you ticklish?

Who are you at a house party? The Designated Driver, The Blackout Drunk, The Only One Dancing, etc

Can you be in love with multiple people at the same time?

Darts on TV. What is that about?

If you were a colour, what colour would you be?

If you were a piece of furniture, what furniture would you be?